moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Work on new Help Center and code to convert the new manuals from Google Docs to HTML.
  • CHANGE: In the database table page, replaced the individual visibility toggle buttons with a dropdown menu.
  • NEW: Database address columns have a default country.
  • CHANGE: Changed width of all selects on the website so that they are their natural width, not 100%, which was confusing to some and ugly to all.
  • CHANGE: For Multiple Choice, Multiple Select columns, use a series of checkboxes instead of a HTML select element.
  • CHANGE: Improved look of the database add row page.
  • NEW: Database columns have a new description field.
  • API: Added /getactivitylog endpoint.
  • API: The docs incorrectly left off the /get prefix for the subgroupcategories endpoints.
  • API: Passing in the type parameter to /getmembernotices would return a blank response.
  • BUGFIX: The database map wasn't working for Enterprise domains.
  • BUGFIX: If an address field in a database was set to a non-default color, the color would not show up in the add/edit row screen, potentially causing the labels to also disappear.

Stay safe everyone.


Bob Bellizzi

I really appreciate the changes in Database that you made. 
I especially like the highlight bar to the left of the row that is in focus on the map and the ability to "disappear" columns from the list view.
I would like to get some feedback on my other suggestions for Database changes that were made in the
Suggestion message number 24250, especially the ability to "force view mode or map mode upon opening by the database owner and also as a permanent setting.
Is there a way that the column titles would stay in place when one scrolls down through a database?

Bob Bellizzi