moderated Search Function - Search Options Available From All Pages #suggestion

Bill Hazel

The Search function is different depending on which page your on.
A standardized Search interface across the platform.
I suggest that the initial Search function be:
  • Standardized across all pages, with the search box located in the top right-hand corner
    • Less confusing for new users
  • A drop-down menu with the different choices (See below for a quick and dirty sample)
    • There could be a whole conversation about what to include
    • Default could be with current page at top of list and/or the only source searched if nothing is picked, I'm not a coder so I have no idea what's involved with this.
      • List could be multiple choice with Control key but that would probably be labor intensive.¬†
I understand that depending on the source being searched that there are differences in how the information is displayed. I think I'd keep the Message search result options, especially if Messages were included in the search.

Bill Hazel

While in a discussion on GMF about searching and including the Official Help page in the results, it occurred to me that it could be added as a default option in the drop-down menu at the level so it would show up on every page.

I'm usually pretty aware of what's on a webpage but it took me nearly 3 months to really figure out that the Official Help page was a completely different source of information and I've looked for help a lot!

The only reason I did figure it out is I kept finding links to it in messages.