moderated #suggestion Proposal for Database Changes (reposted) #suggestion

Bob Bellizzi

I'm re-posting this list as a suggestion since it didn't get elevated to that level during the changeover.

I've tried to keep the list as short as I could to provide functions that would enhance Database operation and use.

Suggestions for Databases Function:

1.       Setup Option in premium to initially open in List or Map mode.

2.       Setup Option in premium to allow owners/moderators, based on `1 above, to force DB to stay in List or Map mode permanently or be switchable between. 

3.       Setup option to hide Index/Record number

4.       In Premium/Enterprise groups, when searching, retain the current (List or Map) mode.

5.       Provide Reset/Resequence Index command

a.       with a “Set Index Increment” function  to allow spacing/insertion between records.

b.      Or with a preset “Increment of 10 to allow spacing/insertion.

6.       Provide “Insert Record Before/After Record #” function when Index Increment >1

7.       Retain column headings when scrolling.  Currently they disappear.


8.       Always go to List mode when importing tables or rows; then, when complete, return to default mode from setup.


Bob Bellizzi