moderated Subgroup default visibility settings #suggestion

Sarah Tappon

I'm a member of a top-level group that is private. When members create sub-groups, the default visibility setting for the sub-group is "Subgroup listed in parent group, messages publicly viewable". As a result, I've seen multiple people make their new sub-groups public by mistake.

It would be great if sub-groups inherited the parent group's visibility settings by default, so that if the parent group is private, the default would instead be "Subgroup listed in parent group, messages viewable by parent group members." I imagine that most private groups do not want their sub-groups to be public so this would be a more intuitive default.

Sarah Tappon

Another suggestion on a similar theme: it would be awesome if when creating a subgroup, its settings defaulted to matching the parent group's unless manually changed.

For example, in my parent group, I've disabled a bunch of features that we don't use (chat, database, etc). When setting up sub-groups, it's time-consuming to copy over all those settings manually.