moderated Ensuring Group Ownership/Management Continuity #suggestion

This issue has been discussed to some length under the topic of "Absentee Owner Succession feature.  It is of substantial and ongoing concern to more than a few owners.  

I suggest several designee options for current founders/owners in case of death or functional disability or absence of significant duration.  

One would be an option checkbox to designate a specific group person to exercise any and all powers of ownership necessary to initiate and oversee the timely and equitable transfer of ownership to another (unspecified) member of a group (other than themselves) as they see fit.  

The other would be an option checkbox to specifically designate a successor “owner”.  

As previously stated under the suggestion " Protecting the original Owner from rogue co-Owners”, the following considerations have been submitted for adoption and should be considered as applicable to the preceding:

1.  Where there exist multiple owners, that person having made application for transfer of of said group(s) to or founding said group on  automatically have PRIMARY “ownership”.  

2.  A Founder may and often does step back at some point in time and allow “new management” to prove themselves.  A group "owner” appointed for such purpose would serve at the pleasure of the Founder.  

At such time as the Founder desires to no longer be involved, a PRIMARY Owner should be designated, whether such be by appointment or via other group procedure independent of

3.  A notice to all groups of these changes should be sent announcing a reasonable period for consideration/reconsideration of special circumstances [30 days?] after which agreement would be presumed.  Since these are all options originated here by should and would have final say.

Thank you for your consideration.

William R. Bayne, Owner
Ercoupe Tech, Ercoupe Flyin