moderated removing followed by banning has inconsistent results from simply banning, which also removes #bug


(Taken from the thread about display names in banning/removing, now that I would classify it as a bug:)

It seems intuitive that removing and then banning a member should have the same results as just banning them, since banning also removes the member.  But they are not.

This applies to members whose display name has been changed in a group from their default (system-wide) display name to a group-specific display name.

If (case 1) you first remove a member and then ban them: 
  • the display name in their historical member record from their banned-page history is their default display name
  • the display name in the past members list is their group-specific display name
  • the display name in the banned list is their default display name
But if (case 2) you simply ban the member (which also results in their removal), the display names shown in all three places are the group-specific name. The system does not "forget" that name, and revert to the default name, simply because the member was removed first and then banned rather than being removed as part of the banning.

Further, although you can't make an argument that the log entries for the two processes should be the same (because they are different), it is problematic that the entries in the two cases not only refer to different processes but also refer to the same member (or past member) with two different names, which can be confusing in trying to read the logs. With removal and then banning, you see "X was removed" and then "Y was banned," where X and Y are the same person. With banning, you see just see "X was banned." I would not call this inconsistent, as with the inconsistent member-history and list results; but it seems to result from the inconsistency in the member-history results, since in the case of remove-then-ban, the system substitutes the default display name for the group-specific display name in the member history page.


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