moderated Online reply remembers original, not adjusted subject text if a hashtag was removed #bug



Short version:

Here's a glitch, in short, at least in beta, when one replies through the online interface to an existing message which had its original subject altered by removing a #hashtag, the online Reply function will remember the original subject and include the deleted hashtag.


Long version:

This happened on beta today when I wanted to add my latest update to this thread, originally posted before you did your hashtag reorg:

The original subject was "Re: Following a new topic sends out catch-up emails with missing group [Subject Tag] #bug #SubjectTag", and you removed the #SubjectTag hashtag from the original subject.

When I tried to reply to either one of those two existing posts, clicking reply brought up the original subject with the #SubjectTag in it.  Tested a bit more, both from my normal account and a different test account, and it will only do it on either of those original posts, NOT (of course) on my latest update message in that thread, as I manually made sure to remove that hashtag so it matches your change (and topic displayed).






Yes and there's some similar funkiness with merging and splitting. The titles are not kept in synch. Noticed this a long time ago, but since I no longer merge or split, including rarely changing a topic title, it has not bothered me for awhile.

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