moderated Subgroup staging state and scheduled start date/time #suggestion


"something like "this group will start functioning februari 30th, 18.45 UTC"

Nice idea, but why limit it to SUBgroups?

groetjes, Ronaldo


I would like to be able to set-up subgroups that are for a specific purpose for instance cooking a Full english breakfast.  Would be good to be able to set at specified date/time to switched to new "permanent" settings as per now. The reason for a specific date/time would be to coincide with a marketing release or start date of something. 

These include :- Eggs, Bacon, sausages, hash browns, toasts, fried slice, black pudding, tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms etc. Add a vegetarian and vegan spins. Then you need a cooker, gas, electric, wood. Implements like frying and sauce pans to plates, knives and fork. Do you do plastic, wood or whatever materials. 

I want to have it public, but only after its been fully configured with hashtags and messages, databases and polls. I want to flesh out the site before I decide its permenant fate.

Maybe we could have the staging as a Template, can't send emails, but can directly add. Limit to 10 people. The types of emails sending can be tested with temporary subgroups. So not needed here. 

As a research group, could possibly use subgroups for specific subjects, would be good to create template subgroups for this purpose. Master templates, then copies to be used. A copy is not updated if master changes.