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Scott Chase

Most of my group members are active in our Main group and do all their searches from there. But, there is more content accumulating in our Subgroups, too.

A newer feature was already added to the Subgroup settings to "Allow Parent Subscribers to Post", which is great. But when members search from the Main Group, they see none of the Subgroup content in the search results, even if they are members or have posted content to a Subgroup as Allowed by that previous setting.

I'd like to see a checkbox on the Message Search popup that defaults to "Include your Subgroups in search". Then, in the main search results list, put the Subgroup name in brackets, at the beginning of each of the Subgroup titles in the resulting search results. Just like with e-mail. Then if they are a member of the group or are Allowed to post to that group, the content will be listed and they can click on it to get there and read it.

For example, try searching from this Main beta group for : getfiledirectory

I'd like it to return the following in the Search results...

[api]  Re: getfiledirectory
No, wait, I just forgot to set the limit high enough, which is why I only got a list of folders (there were more than 10 folders in my test folder). See, when I ask for a list of files in "/", and
By Samuel Murray · #182 · 3:07am

Scott Chase (GCH1-Discussions)