moderated Subscribe from Web response page from #suggestion

John Pearce <jponsalt@...>

Our group requires someone to tell us something about why they are interested in our group before we approve.  Member notices are active and edited appropriately and are sent to them explaining what we want to know, and to explain that they must reply to the email as this part of the process is automated.  All notices are working as verified by my testing.   However with the folks who request to join via the web days go by before people respond if at all.  Many just age out after 14 days.  I have a test ID that I use to subscribe and unsubscribe to see what happens as well as testing what users see with various email options.  I used that to subscribe via the web and the response page from does NOT mention that they should check their email as some groups require a response via email before they can join.  Could that be added to the response page?  It appears that many people don't use email much and rely on the web interface to read messages.  It might also be helpful to move them to a page where they could fill out their response immediately but at least a notice to check their email.