moderated RFE: Three wishlist items w.r.t. Notes in Admin > Members

Samuel Murrayy


1. Please could you add a little icon next to the names of members for whom there are "Notes", in the list of members, so that I can see from that list that something was written about that member?

2. Also, when viewing a member's profile, please can you change the "Notes" button slightly whenever there is a note about that member, so that I can see that there is a note without having to click the button first to discover whether there is a note?

3. Finally, would it be possible to add an option to the Notes section that (when selected) will cause the Notes to appear on the main page for that member, so that I don't have to click the Notes button and go to an entirely different page before I can see the note about the member?

I realise that the "notes" may be used by different moderators for a variety of purposes, but I use it to write useful information about the member, e.g. their real name, who they really are, where they really come from, etc.



I second that feature request; besides other useful ways it can be used for, it would help in large groups with many mods.  For example, we have about 10 part-time mods in one of the groups I admin and having a visual indication on the main member listing screens would be helpful when trying to coordinate member approval as it would help eliminate sometimes-duplicate efforts.

I can also see where keeping specific-notes like Samuel does is also helpful, or as in keeping records for troublesome members for example.