moderated Bulk Delete - A solution in GIO -MkII #suggestion


Dear Mark Fletcher, Thank you for providing a fast and responsive list messaging system. We all love it.


On Thursday, 21 November 2019 Duane on GMF sent me here to join the discussion.




I present my fix to the "Bulk Delete" problem. These changes, if implemented, represent a sensible and consistent approach to the problem. It covers ease of use, privacy legislation & an eminently practical approach. When the changes are implemented in GIO you will have a truly flexible solution meeting all the needs of Inc., Individual Groups, Group Owners & Moderators, Individual Subscribers and Privacy Legislation now & for the future.

Content that can now be deleted is any and/or all Messages, Photos, Albums, associated HashTags, Attachments of any file type & Files in the files area.


Thank you for looking.

Raphael  <raphaelvowles@...>  Reading, Berkshire UK

I am a retired programmer. I'd be happy to discuss this proposal further.