locked Site Updates #changelog


Changes to the site since Friday:

  • BUGFIX: For threads without subjects, display "(no subject)" so that there's a link to click on.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed links to uploaded photos from the activity log.
  • CHANGE: Possible fix for Outlook messages generating weird spacing.
  • BUGFIX: Fix for some messages in digests including the entire quoted reply when it shouldn't.
  • INTERNAL: Improvements in Y! Groups archive export system.
  • CHANGE: In Full Digests, changed the Reply To This Message to be a mailto that varies depending on the group's reply to setting.
  • BUGFIX: Make sure subscription to parent group is approved before allowing subscription to subgroups.
  • CHANGE: When replying to a message on the site, show a flash message saying the message has been sent or is pending.
  • CHANGE: Display time along with date in activity log.
  • CHANGE: Mention the group name, if there is one, in the confirmation email.
  • CHANGE: On the welcome page displayed after confirming your account, display a list of the groups you're subscribed to.
  • NEW: If you type into any of the fields in the group post page and attempt to leave the page, you'll get a warning dialog.
  • BUGFIX: Don't send member notices that consist just of HTML tags (ie don't send blank member notices).
  • BUGFIX: Search posts by user (from the group home page Top Posters list) didn't work past the first page.
  • BUGFIX: Wasn't logging edited messages in the activity log correctly.

Cheers, Mark