locked Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site since Friday:

  • NEW: Added +fulldigest email command.
  • NEW: Promote group page with embeddable signup form.
  • NEW: Added Full Featured Digest options throughout the site.
  • CHANGE: For emailed login links, ignore any HTTP method access except GET.
  • CHANGE: Added "Step 0: Create your Groups.io group" step in the easy group transfer instructions.
  • CHANGE: Database checkboxes now displayed as actual checkboxes.
  • NEW: On the group home page, don't display Recent Images that are smaller than 64 pixels wide or 64 pixels high.
  • BUGFIX: RSS Feed link for subgroups with public archives.
  • BUGFIX: We now send the group welcome message to people directly added to subgroups.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed Gmail phishing warning on 'Send to Sender' replies.
  • BUGFIX: Fix for BCC: All moderators in Send Message to Member page.
  • CHANGE: Added 'Forgot your password' link to login page. If the email address is filled out and you click the 'Send me a link', it automatically does so. Also, changed Sign In -> Log In.

Cheers, Mark