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I have not found any documentation on the RSVP features.  I am testing to see if it will work for my social group and having a robust RSVP system would be a HUGE plus.  Paying $10 to have access to RSVPs is totally acceptable but at this point it seems like it's not developed and useful.  Key is that the message announcing the event must indicate that the member can rsvp to the event, preferably by clicking on a yes, no, or maybe button that would take them right to the rsvp area.

If the event is requesting an RSVP, then the following line appears in the notification that is sent out when the event is created:

An RSVP is requested. Are you going?

The 'Are you going?' sentence is linked to the event on the website, where you can indicate if you're going.

Hope this helps.

Douglas M.

My first test attempts at adding an RSVP event did NOT get this line added when they went out.  After a few tries it started appearing so I deleted that initial inquiry.  Not sure if it was operator error (of course not!) or a bug that showed up originally. The calendar listings for those tests look correct with RSVP choices now but it is after the event so I don't know if a message would now include that line.  Thanks Mark for the fine work you do on this stuff!!!!!

Southenders Admin

Since I wanted an RSVP, I create polls for different events. For questions, the answers I allow are
"Yes I am attending"
and since you must have at least 2 answers, 
"Do not reply if you are not attending." 

Then you can see who responded, and also email all or individuals from the poll.