moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • NEW: New search now has a 'did you mean' suggestion function.
  • INTERNAL: Re-architected dumpmessages utility to be able to deal with messages and topics being deleted from under it.
  • INTERNAL: More work on the API.
  • NEW: Section in help listing all available email commands.
  • NEW: Out of Space group setting.
  • CHANGE: Subgroup storage space no longer is deducted from the parent group's storage space.
  • BUGFIX: Activity tab wasn't showing up for some moderators.
  • CHANGE: Because Dropbox is discontinuing the V1 version of their API, which would require us to re-write our code, and because only a few people used it, removing the integration, at least for now.
  • NEW: Custom search ranges in new search.
  • NEW: Ability to exclude signatures from search, and lowered their rankings in relevance searches.

I am on vacation until 7/17; responding to email will be slower than normal. Have a good weekend everybody!


Ginny T.

Enjoy, travel safe, and have a great time!

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I am on vacation until 7/17;

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