moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: Display lock/gavel for locked/moderated messages in the expanded message view.
  • BUGFIX: Hashtags that are set as special are now forced to be moderator only.
  • BUGFIX: Upgraded version of TinyMCE to fix a Firefox autolink problem.
  • CHANGE: Reorganized the Settings page with help from J and Shal.
  • NEW: New annual premium plan ($99/year).
  • INTERNAL: Initial work on upgrading the search engine software and hiring of a consulting firm to help.
  • NEW: Added 'Ynt:' as a signifier that a message is a reply (like Re:).
  • UPDATE: Revamped Definitions and Hashtags sections of the Help page with J's new text.
  • INTERNAL: Added another rel=nofollow to prevent some search engine duplicate crawling.
  • CHANGE: The /manage URL is now /settings, to reflect the name of the page.
  • CHANGE: Researched a case where Gmail decided a specific /mt URL was a phishing URL and would display warnings when viewing any email with that link in it. To combat this, I changed all mute/unmute/follow/unfollow links within emails to be unique to the individual receiving the message.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed optimistic locking issue with the bouncer program.
  • INTERNAL: Completed and rolled out changes to how we use sql savepoints in the database.
  • CHANGE: All instances of the Summernote editor have been replaced by the TinyMCE editor, except editing wiki pages.
  • CHANGE: Changed the display of poll results on mobile to be more clear.
  • CHANGE: Rolled back the price increase on premium plans. Once again, it's $10/month.
  • CHANGE: For 'Message to Member' group notices, don't have the option to set one as active, as that doesn't make sense.

Have a good weekend everybody.