moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Finished work on recurring billing system.
  • NEW: Pending subscriptions will be deleted after 14 days, same as pending messages. This is not turned on yet.
  • BUGFIX: Message-IDs for poll and chat notifications were missing <>s.
  • BUGFIX: When logged out and looking at the expanded message view, hashtags were not colored correctly.
  • BUGFIX: In activity log view, if you hit the search button twice, the actions would disappear.
  • BUGFIX: Fix for +summary email command.
  • NEW: New 'All Activity' view in Activity log.
  • CHANGE: Alphabetized actions dropdown in the group member activity history page.
  • BUGFIX: When viewing member activity history, clicking Search with 'All Activities' would not search all activities.
  • BUGFIX: When replying to a message on the web, the buttons weren't correct for groups with ReplyTo set to Group & Sender.
  • BUGFIX: If referencing an enterprise group page from a domain, force redirect to proper domain.
  • CHANGE: Don't allow uploading of images to the Files area.
  • CHANGE: Added new high res version of the logo for retina screens.
  • BUGFIX: Display of enterprise group subscriptions on the home page while viewing from was missing their domains.
  • BUGFIX: In the wiki image upload box, clear previous images that were uploaded.
  • INTERNAL: Reorganized some of the images used with enterprise groups.
  • BUGFIX: Fix lock timeout issue with updating repeating calendar events.
  • CHANGE: Set focus on input when search modal boxes are opened.

Have a good weekend everybody.