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Hi All,

So, what a week. On Wednesday, we had 20x the number of groups created that we do on a normal day. And each day after that has been even more. Our web traffic is about double normal.

I am working to keep up with everything. I would like to ask a favor. If you have a feature request, please postpone asking it for a couple weeks, until things calm down. I most likely won't read it if it's posted now, and if I do read it, I'll most likely forget it. If you have a bug report, as usual please send it to



Holy cow! I happened to peruse "newest groups." There has literally been a new group created *every two minutes*, all day today and probably stretching back well before that!

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Ginny T.

Hang in there Mark - and do what you can when you can. I know that you're trying your best to do everything for everyone.... and on the other hand, the people that have been hanging on to YG all these months, well...  they could have avoided this (and so could you!).
I know the workload is horrendous and will likely only get worse; I hope that even with that considered that YG is playing nice with the transfers as opposed to the issues that were going on when we moved 18 months ago. Take care of you -
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