moderated Yahoo Group transfer deadline


Hi All,

From an excellent suggestion from Duane, I've added the following to the top of the Yahoo Transfer page:

Due to the pending discontinuation of many parts of Yahoo Groups, we ask that all transfer requests be given the go ahead no later than December 1, 2019. We will not be able to guarantee any transfers submitted after that. Also note that it appears that most Photos sections are already off-line and not transferrable.

 Please let me know if there are other places this should be added to, or if you have any suggestions for improvements.




Also note that it appears that most Photos sections are already off-line and not transferrable.

The word "already" may be wrong there. The current outage in photos (for my groups anyway) started a few  weeks ago and I don't think is connected to the planned content deletion.

Except maybe that they're tired of fixing it.

There have been numerous prior outages in the photos section of Y!groups over the last few years, and usually they get around to fixing the problem, but not necessarily promptly. Nor necessarily comprehensively (some groups report their photos are back, while others still see them as blank squares).

What happens this time is anyone's guess I suppose, but I'd try not to imply that they won't come back. Maybe "... most Photos sections are currently having an outage and it isn't known if they'll be restored prior to the deadline."

(yeah, ever the optimist).


My suggestion is to charge double for this now!:-)

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Margo Seegrist

Shal, I know Yahoo was sold and bought and sold again in the last year.  I also know that every time Microsoft does a Windows update, we lose the ability to see the photos in the albums in yahoogroups.

I know there is one person that was kept on when yahoogroups was sold the last time.  He's a manager now.  So he's "It" when it comes to maintaining the yahoogroups site.  I can always tell when he's on vacation or away from the office because the albums don't come up for some time.

For the last week or so we also had the white boxes for albums but Microsoft was kicking out updates like mad so he might have been waiting for all that to settle down.

I too am an optimist and see that the albums will show again in the not too distant future so we can download them and transfer them somewhere or at least get them on our computers.

Some of that info was told to me by my AOL tekkie (they are now both owned by the same company).