moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • API: Added sort_field, second_order, query, sort_dir fields to the pagination object.
  • BUGFIX: In some cases, when doing a photos search, clicking an individual photo would bring up a different photo.
  • CHANGE: Sorting group calendar ICS feeds by start time, to maybe, hopefully, fix a weird Outlook bug.
  • BUGFIX: Fix issue where the photo may not match the thumbnail if the album was sorted by Posted.
  • API: Added /registerdevice endpoint for registering device tokens for notifications.
  • NEW: Added exclude_aliases flag to /gethashtags endpoint.
  • NEW: Include the IP address of the mail server we were attempting to delivery email to in bounce message lists on the website.
  • API: Added /searcharchives endpoint and related search_result and search_results_list objects.
  • API: Added profile_photo_url, name and can_view_profile fields to the chat object.
  • API: Added alias field to hashtag.
  • API: Added announce flag to /newchat endpoint.
  • API: Setting the chat_sub field on the chat object whenever we can. Previously this was only set in a few instances.
  • BUGFIX: You couldn't change the case of your email address; it thought you were merging with a different email address and would fail.
  • API BUGFIX: The /postdraft endpoint was not setting Reply headers correctly for replies.
  • API: Added /addalbum, /updatealbum, /deletealbum, /addphotos, /updatephoto, /deletephoto endpoints.

Have a good weekend everyone.