moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • NEW: More work on the new notifications system.
  • API: Changed gallery_url field in the photo and attachment objects to thumbnail_url because it's more clear.
  • API: Added getalbums and getphotos endpoints.
  • API: Changed profile_photo_id field in member_info to profile_photo_url.
  • BUGFIX: We had disabled signature parsing in plain text messages where we couldn't tell if the sig was part of the reply or the original message. That change wasn't also added to html messages.
  • BUGFIX: Subscribing to a subgroup via email did not work.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a loophole that would sometimes allow emails from numbered accounts through.
  • API: Added /chatmembers endpoint.
  • API: Fixed bug in /joinchat endpoint that caused it to return a no_group_specified error.
  • API: Added updateprofile endpoint.
  • API: Added num_drafts field to member_info object.
  • API: Added updateprofilephoto and deleteprofilephoto endpoints.
  • CHANGE: No longer allowing the CSS height attribute because in some instances we were ending up with archives that had overlapping text at the bottom.
  • BUGFIX: After creating a group, fix text for groups that are unlisted but with public archives.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Thanks, Mark