moderated Enhance Readability of Next Indicator #suggestion

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>

When reading through messages via browser on either a PC or a tablet, I have an issue determining when I have arrived at the last (latest) message.

I would like something more proactive than changing the ">" symbol to a slightly different color. When I am reading through messages, the symbol is usually at the top right corner of the display which is the most off axis part of the display and has very poor color discrimination.

Admittedly, after I have clicked on it a couple times and nothing happens, a hovering red icon will show up after the fact. On the tablet, there is no red end of messages indicator at all, so I don't know if I missed the target, or the display is hung or that it is the last message until I more carefully look at the color of the icon. My suggestion is to change the ">" to a more contrasting color and perhaps make it bolder, or even better just show the red "end" indicator icon instead of a gray ">".

If there is an audible alert, that wouldn't help me, as I always have Windows sounds disabled.