moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: For premium/enterprise groups, only automatically add an event to the calendar that was emailed to the group if the message is not a reply.
  • BUGFIX: When viewing a database row that had checkbox columns, the checkboxes were always checked.
  • BUGFIX: Registering a new account via Google or Facebook was broken.
  • API: Changed /getgroup endpoint to require a group_name for groups that you are not subscribed to, for security.
  • API: Documentation change: The Objects section has been moved to the end of the docs.
  • API: The Group object now includes a Perms object if you are subscribed to the group.
  • API: Relaxed the requirement for having the manage_group_settings permission when accessing the /getgroup endpoint.
  • API: Added /sendchatmsg endpoint.
  • INTERNAL: Optimizations for calendars with a lot of repeating events.
  • API: Added /getchathistory endpoint.
  • API: Added group_name and nice_group_name to the Event object.

Have a good weekend everyone.