moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Work to support the app.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked the wording of 'Changed display name' activity log entries to be more clear.
  • BUGFIX: If someone had changed their display name for a particular subscription, and then changed their display name through their overall profile, an activity log was generated incorrectly saying that the modified display name had been changed, even though it had not.
  • NEW: There is a new activity log entry type, 'Moderator changed display name'.
  • BUGFIX: Display name activity log records were generated even when the display name wasn't changed when editing a member.
  • CHANGE: In the activity log Actions dropdown, change 'Moderated message' to 'Sent message requiring approval'.
  • API: Renamed all instances of sub_id parameters to member_info_id. In all cases, sub_id will still be accepted to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • BUGFIX: Sending invites still worked even when the group was locked.
  • BUGFIX: In message search and member activity search, custom date ranges didn't work correctly if the user had selected a different date format.
  • BUGFIX: If a basic group previously was a premium group with a different person set as payor, you could not change who was the payor or upgrade the group.
  • API: Removed API_KEY requirement for the /login endpoint.
  • API: Changed the /login endpoint from GET to POST.
  • NEW: In the sub/resub notification emails, now link to the member pages of the people who joined.
  • BUGFIX: Fix for weekly event summary emails not being sent out if the first of the month falls on a Thursday.

Have a good weekend everyone.