moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: In some instances, all day events were displayed on the calendar as lasting a day longer than scheduled. Also, all all day events were displayed with a time, which didn't make sense.
  • BUGFIX: In some instances with a repeating event, it was not possible to check the 'Send Notice To Group When Event Happens' checkbox and have it saved properly.
  • BUGFIX: Direct add activity log entries were not showing up in the member's activity log section. This fix only applies to new log entries; previous direct adds will still not show up in the member's activity log.
  • NEW: For domains hosted by Mimecast: if a message from one of those domains is sent to another user on that same domain, we now re-write the From line, to hopefully stop tripping a bounce.
  • CHANGE: Show the updated date in the member notices view instead of the created date.
  • API: Many navigation improvements and other cleanups of the API docs.
  • CHANGE: All links in messages now open in new tabs.
  • CHANGE: Default sort order for columns is a-z, or largest to smallest, or most recent to oldest, as appropriate.
  • BUGFIX: For certain replies to messages that already contained a signature, we would display both signatures outside of the collapsed text when we should only display the last signature.
  • BUGFIX: For certain HTML replies to messages, we would not show the signature outside of the collapsed text.
  • BUGFIX: In certain situations, when doing a bulk remove of members, we would report 'Other Error' for someone who was not a subscriber.
  • API: The sidebar for the api docs is now scrollable for easier navigation.
  • API: New /getevents endpoint.
  • CHANGE: Various feed view improvements to hashtags and events.

Have a good weekend everyone.