moderated Limit daily posting frequency #suggestion

Henning Schulzrinne

On a community mailing list, lightly moderated and with about 1,200 members, we have a "three posts per day" rule to avoid that chatty members dominate the discussion or that a back-and-forth gets out of hand and turns the list into a Slack channel. It would be great if there was a way to automatically enforce a posting limit for each member. The details are less important, i.e., whether it's N posts in 24 hours or during a single calendar day or even "at least X hours since last post."

A global limit for all group members is sufficient (you never know who starts unrolling Twitter threads on you), with a per-user daily posting limit nice, but not critical.

Similarly, automatic message rejection is fine for our purposes, or moderation (but with some indication as to why the message landed in the moderation queue). This could be part of the moderation settings.

Thank you!

Henning Schulzrinne

dave w

Hi Henning

What is more important- having a few 'chatty' people, or none chatting at all?
Being owner/ mod/admin comes with responsibilities to maintain discipline.
If they won't adhere to the rules- up the ante and put the cons on 'moderated'. Simply respond with "over limit' when they continue to post. They will either learn, or leave. Which is better?