moderated RE : [beta] Feature Requests


These features are available with YahooGroups, and for those
transitioning to, you will miss them.

I had intended to request the exact same items that Ms V did.
They are valid, and help moderators and users alike.

Having a valid reason for subscribing to a group helps the
moderator(s) filter out the idiots, spammers, and mindless
individuals. This issue of undesirable candidates is a
constant issue for my group.

"Joined" vs "Applied For" is self explanatory.

Notification of uploads makes members aware of changes, and
also shows the group is still alive. In YahooGroups, this is
a checkbox in the upload window.

Please consider these requests. Thank you.



Subject : [beta] Feature Requests
Date : Thu, 16 May 2019 14:15:52 +0200
From : Victoria via Groups.Io <>
To :


I pick up some old requests frequently asked for, since I find them
essential for group management and miss them very much :

-When applying for membership to group make available an option to
add a sentence or two as to *why s.o. is applying*.

-After application is completed the term “*joined” is misleading*.
*“Applied for”* or would be more helpful. *“Joined”*
makes sense when application is approved and membership is achieved.

-*Automatic notification*to owners and moderators *when files, photos
are uploaded* would be very helpful in order to avoid unfitting or
misleading uploads. This should be an *optional feature* to be chosen
in “notifications”.

Best wishes