locked Issues with Downloading Member Lists #suggestion #bug


On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 12:31 PM, Feathered Leader <featheredleader@...> wrote:

John says to tell you two things about Downloading Members lists to CSV:

  1. There is a space after the "Joined", and before the "Status" (see below):

"Email","Full Name","Username","Joined", "Status(0=Normal, 1=Pending, 2=Banned)"

The space there confuses Excel and causes the Status heading to split across multiple columns.

Good catch. Fixed!
  1. He suggests that the default file name have a .csv extension. When we downloaded it, it didn't come up with any extension and we had to add it..

I've changed it so that it should be downloaded as 'member list.csv'


Nightowl >8#

You're welcome!

That's cause John's a programmer, and I'm not. ;)