moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site the past couple of weeks:

  • CHANGE: If you click the Clear button after filtering archives, it will now take you back to /topics or /messages (as appropriate), instead of keeping you in /search.
  • CHANGE: From the activity log, clicking on an added/modified file used to bring you to the enclosing folder. I've added a folder icon next to the file name that does that now, and clicking on the file takes you directly to the file.
  • BUGFIX: When viewing an individual +owner message, the pending messages permission was required, which was inconsistent with other pages.
  • CHANGE: Changed default subject line for message rejection notices from 'Your message was rejected' to 'Your message was not approved'
  • BUGFIX: Fixed screen reader access on the create and edit hashtag pages.
  • CHANGE: Wording improvements to the Send Log In Link page (thanks Shal!)
  • INTERNAL: Upgraded production to use go 1.11 compiler.
  • INTERNAL: Parallelized message generation when viewing /topic or /messages to speed up web response.
  • INTERNAL: Added a database index to speed up deleting of topics.
  • INTERNAL: Change the database code to make it seamless when doing database schema changes.
  • CHANGE: Add group upgrade options for non-profit enterprise pricing, to allow self-service non-profit upgrades.
  • CHANGE: Previously we would treat web posts as new topics, regardless of whether they had the same subject as a previous topic. This was different from how we treat email messages, where we combine new messages into existing topics when we can. Now we do the same for web posts.
  • INTERNAL: Cleanups of various database structures/repaying some technical debt

Have a good weekend everyone.