moderated Print option for Databases?

Pamela Tatt

I have trolled through messages and found a couple of comments back in 2016 and 2017 asking if it would be possible to have a 'Print Table' option in Databases.
Obviously not enough people have requested this so I am opening up the conversation again here.
In our group we have a Database "calendar" at the start of the year listing all of the charities we are supporting throughout the year.  Our older members used to be able to print it off and keep in a folder so that they can plan ahead to make their donations in advance.  We are a charity knitting/crocheting/sewing group supporting needy people across Australia.
I, personally, find it difficult to transfer the database into another spreadsheet so cant expect my members who are less computer literate than me to do it.

I also find not being able to copy and paste straight from the database a time consuming problem.  I have to reproduce part of the Charity of the Month Calendar database on to our public website and it takes so long to go into every individual entry to edit, copy, paste each line.  

So my question is -- would a Print Table option be possible any time in the near future?  
Thanks for your time,

Toby Kraft

It's unlikely that will ever provide a "print table" feature - the formatting options are as numerous as the number of people using databases.  
Two thoughts -
  • You say you create a database of the year's events/items - Why not generate a PDF report (using Excel for example) of that year's info for members to download and print?
  • "reproduce part of the ... database" - If what you want to copy/paste is on one page, try selecting the rows of interest, copy as plain text into Word, select the text, Insert Table, Convert text to table (separate text at Tabs).  Should give you a table to use for the subset of the data needed.  

Just some ideas that might make things easier until when/if provides some facility to do what you're looking for.

Pamela Tatt

Thanks for the suggestions Toby.
I think I need to find time to educate myself on how to generate reports etc.
No so easy to do when you have a 70+ year old brain LOL

I have managed to get it sorted this time but it has taken me many days where with Yahoo it was a simple matter of click a button.  Never mind -- we live in hope.

Thanks again for your input,



I think I need to find time to educate myself on how to generate
reports etc.
What I generally do is Export the table in CSV format, then paste that into Excel. There one has very flexible ways to format and page break the table.

I haven't tried that with a table with maps in it, so that might complicate matters.

If you don't have/use Excel, there are also free spreadsheet programs available like the one in LibreOffice.


Bob Bellizzi

I haven't used the Database but possibly the export to csv would contain a link to the map?

Bob Bellizzi

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Pamela Tatt

Thanks Shal,

I have both Excel and LibreOffice.  I will play around with them, see which one is easiest for me to use and take it from there.

Thanks everyone for your most helpful advice.

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