moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:


  • NEW: We extend expiration of the login cookie each time a person accesses the site.
  • NEW: We have a new, non-expiring cookie that we use to determine when someone has previously been logged in, but whose cookie is now expired. In that case, we redirect the user to the login page, with a banner explaining that their login has expired.
  • INTERNAL: In some situations we were not deleting all S3 data associated with a group when the group was deleted.
  • BUGFIX: Topic/Message filter by custom date range didn't work if your date format preference was other than MM/DD/YYYY. Fixing this introduced another bug which caused dates to not be shown in the Topics screen.
  • CHANGE: Text changes to the Yahoo Transfer screens to make things more clear - thanks Shal.

Have a good weekend everyone.