moderated Database ID# check boxes


Just an inquiry and a suggestion. Why do viewers need to see the ID# and check boxes associated with them at all?

I realize Mark is going to be very busy on much more important developments for a while, but I for one would like to see these disappear. Or at least allow those with editing permission to change the width of that particular field.


The whole ID column eats up a lot on space.


Dan Linscheid

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>


The ID is a row counter. You can change the sort order on this column. Click on the blue ID button below the rows to hide the column. The button will turn gray and the column disappears.

The checkboxes are for selecting rows. So far, I think it is only used to delete multiples rows at one time.



Thanks, Gerald. I see that one can sort on the columns using these also. My particular database has about 50 blank spaces after the ID #, which pushes all the input data way off to the right.


Pamela Tatt

Dont know if this helps but I have set up my databases and have no problem with column size.  I leave the 'Display Width' option set at 0 (default) for each column.
Some of my columns have a lot of comment in them and these 'wrap' neatly into the column.