moderated Calendar start day option?

Michael Morris

Firstly, (after years of Yahoo hell) can I say how brilliant to have a newsgroup that works!
Each week in our group's calendar starts on a Sunday.  This is very confusing as here in the UK, modern convention is to start the week on Monday.  Is it possible to have an option to set the start of the week as either on Sunday or Monday?


David Haun

Yes, I would also like the option to start the week on Monday. Thanks, David


On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 07:45 PM, Michael Morris wrote:

Firstly, (after years of Yahoo hell) can I say how brilliant to have a
newsgroup that works!
small sidenote: I've been told that whatever group we have here, it is NOT a "newsgroup". Newsgroups worked different technically.
I'm not educated enough to explain the difference though... ("usenet"? Several servers?)

groetjes, Ronaldo

Michael Morris

As far I'm concerned it's a newsgroup.  Yahoo called their's a newsgroup and that's good enough for me! ;-)

Bob Bellizzi

You can call it a bananna and be just as wrong because sorry, is not a newsgroup according to the definition of a news group, which is a server linked to many other servers, continually comparing their content to other newsgroup servers and updating their info and passing on new info they have to the other servers.  You can see much more at is a platform for listservs that may morph into online listservs.  Each of our groups is unique and standalone but they all are capable of sending and receiving email besides the ability to add messages to them and read those messages  online.

But you can keep calling it a bananna.

Bob Bellizzi

Founder, Fuchs Friends ®
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Michael Morris

Any news on this feature request please.


Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

an update on this would be useful.  I know I'm going to get lots of questions on this after we add our 1000+ club members to from 21-April.




I've added a new 'Monday Start' checkbox to the user account Preferences page as well as to the Default Sub Settings page.