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Another option for a database-like feature could be a link to a Google docs spreadsheet. That's what we switched to for my groups when the Yahoo database feature went kaflooey. We switched over to Wiggio for our group and there wasn't a database feature on there, but this alternative works fine for us. And since it's independent of any groups services, it's totally under our control. No groups service can decide they want to mess with the database feature and screw up our information. No matter what groups service we switch over to, the spreadsheet remains intact and everyone's bookmark remains the same. A calendar reminder periodically directs members to the link in case they are the type that doesn't understand or use bookmarks. Google docs allows you to set privacy and access controls, so you can give view or edit access as needed. For example, anyone with the link can view but only these 3 people (whose email addresses you've entered) can have edit access.

I actually like the spreadsheet better. Point, click and type. No worrying about where Yahoo has moved the add or edit buttons this week. Plus it was a lot easier for our non-techie members to ramp up on using the spreadsheet than it was for them to learn the Yahoo database feature.

If you have an existing Yahoogroups database, you can migrate it over by exporting it to a tab delimited format, then opening it up in Excel and save it to your computer. Then upload it to Google docs and let it convert to the Google doc format. It only takes a few minutes. I just did three databases this morning.


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I fully agree with you, Duane. There may be a place for this 'wiki' thing for those that like faffing about with such things, but many groups will need a database in the traditional sense.


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I have to disagree with your point #1.  On the Yahoo groups I was on, many with 1000 members or more, the databases were mostly updated by users.  They could have been maintained by an owner/moderator, but that would have created more work for them.  I found out how important this was when I started alternative groups on another service.  Users will send me updates, I integrate them into the file, and upload the new version.  When updates are frequent, it takes a lot of time.

I've done some testing to see if a Wiki page would work, but it's somewhat limited and not very intuitive.  It looks to me like it would get clumsy after more than a few entries were needed.


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That would also force those who do not want to be involved with Google, to have to be involved with Google.

I still stand on my opinion that there is a database needed here. Chris says we don't have large groups here yet? They would come if there was a database. I can count more than 5 large groups ruined by NEO already, that I know would jump at it.