moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: When direct adding someone to a parent group and at least one subgroup that has a direct add message, we weren't not sending out the subgroup's direct add message.
  • BUGFIX: When adding a member to a subgroup, we weren't including the direct add message, if one was set.
  • BUGFIX: For groups set to moderate messages with attachments, the Emailed Photos album would not show up.
  • BUGFIX: For certain database table searches, only the first page would be displayed. Other pages would be blank.
  • API: Return group_name with subscriptions.
  • CHANGE: For pending message notification emails, add a link at the top to view the message online.
  • CHANGE: If a topic has a tag that is moderated, make sure we display the moderated icon in the Topics view for that topic.
  • CHANGE: Updated the list of not permitted groups on the create group page.
  • NEW: First pass at a help section for the upcoming group payments system.
  • CHANGE: For the event and reminder emails, for all day events that last more than one day, show both start and end days (we previously only showed the start day).
  • BUGFIX: For a pending message sent from a subscriber who then unsubscribes before the pending message is viewed, do not show the View Member/Send Message buttons.
  • BUGFIX: When editing a database row, when you return to view the previous page, the per page setting was ignored.
  • BUGFIX: If a topic is locked and has a hashtag that is set to reply to sender only, replying on the website was not permitted.
  • BUGFIX: The web server would crash when viewing a past member that had been subscribed to a subgroup that no longer exists.
  • NEW: In HTML digests, there are now hashtag mute links in the message footers. I also did some editing of the text of the other links, removing some words to make space.
  • NEW: In the group Hashtags page, each hashtag now has a Mute/Unmute link.
  • CHANGE: Reformatted the mute/unmute hashtag pages to match modern style.
  • BUGFIX: If you are the owner/moderator of a parent group viewing a poll in a subgroup that you are not subscribed to, you should not be permitted to vote in the poll, because votes are keyed to subscription records.
  • BUGFIX: If multiple owners voted in a subgroup poll, the count and display would be off in the View By Answer poll view (only one owner's vote(s) would be displayed).

Have a good weekend everyone.



On 10/12/18 23:43, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Changes to the site this week:
- NEW: In the group Hashtags page, each hashtag now has a Mute/Unmute link.
And with automatic expiration, great!

Have you given any thought to having muted messages not appear in the online archive display?