locked BUG: Digest in wrong format #bug


I usually have two memberships to groups I own, my main membership for posting and reading individual messages and a DIGEST membership set to receive plain-text digests which I can save and archive offline.

This morning's digest from one group (the other groups have been quiet, so they didn't send out digests) arrived as a FULL FEATURED (RICH FORMAT) digest, whereas all other digests previously have been plain text. Could this have been caused by this recent change:

BUGFIX: Digest messages were missing the standard compliment of list headers.
? I checked my DIGEST subscription to that group (hpseries80) and it's still set to PLAIN TEXT DIGEST.


ACK! Never mind. I'm suffering from RED FACE SYNDROME. Just realized that the digest was from the old YAHOO version of the group, not groups.io.

Sigh. Great way to start off Monday. Sigh.

But, it I stick by the DRAFT DISCARD problem I found while trying to report this NON-problem. :-)