locked Site updates #changelog


Most of this week was spent working on internal changes to support domains (aka the Enterprise version). Changes to live site this week:

  • BUGFIX: Edit link on mobile in pending message screen didn't work.
  • BUGFIX: Only process an invite if it's in the sent state (ie. not in accepted state).
  • BUGFIX: Digest messages were missing the standard compliment of list headers.
  • CHANGE: Changed the wording of the email that is sent on spam unsubscribe (FBL) to make it more clear.
  • BUGFIX: Fix rare commit/locking issue in join group flow.
  • BUGFIX: Display Members link in sidebar outside of the Admin dropdown for non owners/mods when appropriate.
  • NEW: In single message view, if you are not logged in or are not a member of the join, display a small blurb at the bottom of the page with a join link.
  • NEW: Check for some invalid file types when uploading a file of email addresses for invites/direct adds.

Have a good weekend, everybody!