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Sharon Villines

Is IO ready for transferring a new list. We have 3,000 members and a few hundred messages a month. Sometimes close to a thousand when there is a hot topic. It’s neighborhood list — crime, nannies, medical referrals, house maintenance and rehab, politics, etc.

I don’t have a sense of how far along you are in development or how long you have been hosting groups.

And how flawless the transfer is. We have about 8 years of archived messages and very few files, if any. We don’t use the Yahoo features because members have never setup yahoo accounts so they could access them. And now Yahoo is requiring phone numbers so people won’t do that.

We are a plain text list and have no idea how much storage space we use. Yahoo used to give those figures but no longer do.

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Hi Sharon,

As a satisfied beta user who transferred my group from Yahoo in January, I can say that I think your transfer process will go flawlessly. And in the odd event that any flaw does happen to occur, you can be assured that Mark will take care of it immediately.

My group is much smaller than yours but still has 400-600 messages a month), and some very large groups here (larger than yours) have transferred without a hitch. Go for it.

Good luck!


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Bob Bellizzi

We transferred about 2800 valid members and over 150,000 messages perfectly using easy transfer.

Mark Fletcher Rocks!

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On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 07:55 am, Sharon Villines wrote:

Is IO ready for transferring a new list. We have 3,000 members and a few
hundred messages a month.
It's OK if attachments are disabled (stripped). Otherwise you'll exhaust free storage limit 1 GB (I assume for attachments, files and photos combined) soon.
No limits of message archive.