moderated More badges for pending messages?



We have the new badge for virus-laden messages in pending, and the older one for non-subscriber messages.

A GMF member has "many" messages arriving in pending, and he does not think they should be. We've enumerated all the causes we can think of, but he denies that any of them apply to the messages pending in his group.

This isn't the first time the question has come up, but usually we've been able to identify the reason. Even so, this got me to thinking that maybe, somewhere in the pending list, or when you open the message, and/or in the pending message notice, it would be helpful if the condition that caused this message to be held pending were listed.

Maybe not as prominently as a badge, as for virus and non-subscriber, but some indication that a group mod can use to figure out what needs adjustment if he feels the message shouldn't have been held pending.