moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • NEW: Add the group subject tag to the subject of private replies.
  • NEW: When direct adding people to a parent group and subgroups, only send out one direct add notification to each member.
  • CHANGE: Added text to banner that is displayed when invites or direct adds need to be approved to hopefully explain things better.
  • INTERNAL: Added support for postgresql integer arrays.
  • INTERNAL: Upgraded the postgresql go package.
  • BUGFIX: There was a bug in the subgroup display page when categories are set up that could cause groups in the same category to not be displayed together.
  • CHANGE: On the pending message page, display the 'Ban Sender' even for existing members.
  • BUGFIX: For some reason, Google lost our geocode API key, which prevented the database map view from working. Had to recreate the key.
  • CHANGE: When rejecting a pending subscription by email, ignore the request if the subscription is not, in fact, pending (ie it's been approved already).
  • NEW: New group setting, Viruses, to set whether messages with viruses are blocked or moderated.
  • API: New group field: HandleVirus
  • CHANGE: Do not log a change in user or display name in the activity log of any group the user is banned from.
  • CHANGE: In activity log, change "Rejected message" to "Message rejected".
  • BUGFIX: Pending subscriptions older than two weeks were not being deleted.

Have a good weekend everyone.