moderated Make consistent the adherence of topics to changes in their hashtags' attributes #suggestion


If a topic is marked with a hashtag, and you later (after the message has posted) set the hashtag to set to (for example) "reply to sender" (in a group set to "reply to group"), the topic is then correctly set to "reply to sender." Similarly with the reverse: if a topic has a hashtag set to "reply to sender," and you later remove "reply to sender" from the hashtag, the topic also loses the "reply to sender" attribute.

The same behavior holds for "moderated": if a topic is already marked with some hashtag, and you later set the tag to "moderated," the topic becomes moderated; and the reverse (remove "moderated" from the tag and the topic goes back to unmoderated). 

However, the "locked" hashtag attribute behaves differently. If you mark a topic with a tag and later set the tag to "locked," the topic does not become locked; and similarly for the reverse (if you mark a topic with a tag that is set to "locked" and you later remove the lock attribute, the topic does not unlock).

In looking at the descriptions of the hashtag attributes, there is a slight discrepancy between the "locked" and "moderated" attributes. "Moderated" is described as "messages with this hashtag will be moderated," whereas "Locked" is described as "topics with this tag will be locked immediately." And so I wonder whether this discrepancy in the language - locked "immediately" vs. no such adverb for "moderated" or for "reply to sender" (et al) - is an intentional reflection of intentionally disparate behavior: namely, you can use a hashtag to lock a topic only "immediately" (but not later), in contrast to the other attributes, where the topic marches in lock step with later changes in the hashtag.

So my questions are, is this disparity (in both the language and the behavior) of the "locked" attribute on a hashtag intentional, and if so, why? Couldn't "Locked" be something which, like the other attributes, could be applied later to the topic if and when the hashtag changes?

(A minor matter: in testing these, I noticed that a topic locked via hashtag displays the locked icon, but a topic moderated via hashtag does not display the moderated icon.)


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