moderated Suggestion: option to prevent users to change Display Name #suggestion

YT9TP - Pedja

It would be good to have option to prevents to change Display Name once after group admin set it up.

We have situation that we run private group and cannot identify users by their email addresses and default display names. Therefore admins contacts them do find out who they are, and edits Display names to add identification data (it is private group so we do not have privacy issues).

However, once in a while some user edits and changes Display Name not realizing that he overrides value set by admin and breaks identification requirement. It would be easier if they simply could not edit Display Name after admin sets it.

Tom Vail

I heartily second that request!  We have the same issue in keeping the groups display names in sync the names on file with a separate membership-only website.  We use "direct add" for all new members to set the initial display name, but as mentioned above, some people unknowing make changes.  We use the activity log regularly to check on changes, then we send them a note and change it back.  Having a no-change option, at least for us, would be very helpful.