moderated Direct Add puts a quote mark as first charter in name field from a file

Tom Vail

I'm trying to do a direct add into a group from a CSV file and the results from my test file have a double quote as the first character in the name field?

The CSV file looks like this:

And the results look like this:

And on top of that, none of the appended email delivery options were noted.

Am I doing something wrong, or did I find a bug?  


Bob Bellizzi

I think  you'll find that Excel is storing the quotation marks around text fields because that is the standard.

Open the file using Notepad on windows machine and you will  see the quotations are in the stored file.

The alternative is that the program that generated the file might have done it.

You usually can control this behavior by doing a File/SaveAs and setting the individual options.


Bob Bellizzi

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Tom Vail


That was the problem.  Removed them with the text editor and am good to go.

Thank you.