moderated Feature Request: auto post message when database (table) entry made

Dan Hartford


Would like an option on databases which would post a message to the group whenever someone adds an entry to the database. 

In the Create/Edit table dialog box, have a checkbox for "Post Message when new entries saved" and if checked, show a message template for message topic as well as for the body content of the message that includes the content of the new item added to the database.  The template should be changeable when the database is created or edited and should allow for the inclusion of a URL for the database as will as for content of the new entry.

Our situation that prompted this request is that we created a database for members of our Camera Club to buy and sell equipment.  Members may add entries to the database to announce things for sale.  Right now, when they do, no one knows so they also have to post a message.  It would be wonderful if the act of creating the entry in the database automatically posted the message.

Thanks -- Dan


I agree on this, but wouldn't that get like super spammy? Maybe add an option to add a tag so users can mute the tag if they don't want these kinds of updates.

Dan Hartford


Thanks for your idea.  I assumed that if we included a hashtag in the topic of the template message that it would behave as you suggest.