moderated #Hashtag Filter does not show all messages with tag

Dan Hartford


It seems that for some tags (Hashtags) when I apply a filter to only see messages for that tag I only get a subset of them.  In the screen shots attached, in the unfiltered messages list you can see that just on this one page there are 5 messages with the tag #ThridPartyArticles.  If I click on #ThirdPartyArticles one one of those messages or use the # Hastags list and click on the tag there, I only get 2 of the messages as shown in the "filtered" attachment.  it doesn't seem to matter if "Collapse topics" is checked or not.  I also assured that the date range was set to "Any Time".

Can you please help?

Thanks -- Dan

Toby Kraft

First, this is a forum to discuss new features.  You should post the question in the GroupManagersForum for assistance / questions on existing features or if it's clearly a bug, email support.
From the Help page:
Questions and Bug Reports
Found a bug? We work hard to make sure there aren't any bugs, but some do slip past us. Please contact us at Any and all information you can provide to help us reproduce the bug is appreciated.
Alternatively, if you have a question about something, the best place to start is with the Group Managers Forum, which is a collection of experienced group owners. They're great people and should be able to help.
Finally, if you have a suggestion for a new feature or improvement to the service, check out the Beta group. We talk about upcoming features and what's going on on the development side of
From your screen shots, it does look odd that there are only 2 are in the results.  It's unclear in your message but are you using the Hashtag menu item to search for the tags?  Does the number shown there match the search results?  For example, in GroupManagersForum, the #Hashtags tag shows 26 topics, and displays 26 when you click on it.  (125 individual messages when uncollapsed).