locked Polls Wishlist #suggestion


Since I brought up polls, here's a couple related ideas.
Here's what I'd like to see in a Polls feature:
  • Static "Polls" page/feature, old-school style!  Helps the place feel like home.
  • Email alert option when new polls are created (checkbox option just like you have for files).
  • Anonymous voting option allowable by creator (creator would choose at time of poll creation)
  • Can be closed or deleted by mods, in case creator can't/fails to/leaves/gets banned etc.
  • Start/Stop dates, so polls can open/close at pre-set times, or manually. 
    • Optional announcements and closure warnings (non-archived email messages)
  • Email poll option:
    • Creator would insert a poll in the message (would have to be done from web interface).
    • Email users would then be able to vote via the widget in the e-mail.
    • More crazy talk: text-only vote option, for plain text groups.  Here the reply feature would send a text format email instead.  Another email command option perhaps?  This cart is so far in front of the horse there may be curvature involved in trying to see it, but hey.  Dream big, build what you can.  :)
  • Graphic display rather than just numbers.  Numbers are fine, but a chart looks cooler.  :)
  • Front page visibility ("current polls" section, for example, click on it to view it--like photos are now)
That's all I can think of for now.  What would you want in a polls feature?