locked Groups.io


Mark - this is a mostly pointless message - other than
to see how posting from Thunderbird works for me.

So far the messages from the beta group are coming in
clean, in order, complete - in other words, exactly
what Onelist and EGroups and the original version of
Ygroups used to be - and the way, usually, the mail
from the group on my own server (uses MailMan) are
working (modulo any DMARC issues, where some folks
don't get the mail from other folks).

Or in other words - *KUDOS*!

On lists that I create, I am rarely using the added
features (calendars, databases, polls, files, etc.),
other than we did like the pictures section when we
were using Ygroups.

Thank you, Brenda, for pointing us to this project.


Nightowl >8#

You're welcome, Diane.

I'm trying to put together a Blog post to put on the Yahoo Crusade Blog also, but it's not finished yet. Meanwhile, everyone spread the word any way you can.


Nightowl >8#