moderated Accessibility fixes?


I am a screen reader user of and I love the service! In fact, it is very popular with the blind and the visually impaired. While the site is very usable, there are some edit fields that are not labeled when I tab through.

I don't use the mouse, I only use the keyboard with the free screen reader NVDA. One area where there is a lot of unlabeled edit fields is in the section where we create a new group or edit the group's settings. I have to manually move through using the arrow keys, and I miss quite a bit of sections and edit fields this way.

I would also like to ask if a heading can be applied to the top of the messages list, so I and others can quickly jump to the main message list? Could there also be a heading above the group's menu, the one that has all the admin settings, members, subgroups, and things like that?

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.