moderated Controls for Creating Photo Albums #suggestion

Ginny T.

I've tried to search out if this has already been discussed/requested but haven't  come up with anything - it would be very, VERY helpful to have separate controls over albums and photos, to allow members to upload photos but NOT to create albums.

In the several groups I either own or manage, we try to manage photos both for general housekeeping as well as storage space. There isn't a way to prevent members from willy-nilly setting up their own albums as opposed to uploading their photos to an appropriate existing album. User instruction is provided that says "please don't do this" - but....

A management option (similar to how the databases can be controlled where a moderator creates the table, and then users can add lines), that would allow moderators to create albums and users to upload photos would be so helpful.

Maybe, please?
Ginny T.  gttemari21@...